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 XNALARA Duke Nukem

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PostSubject: XNALARA Duke Nukem   Thu Mar 06, 2014 8:24 am

XNALARA is a posing program, you load a model, you position it, play with the lighting, background, etc.
Take a snap shot. That's it in essence.

There's been Duke Nukem resources ported, and lots have been lost. So this is a thread we can help find or share the models.

I have a few request if anyone would be so kind to re-upload them if they have a copy, and here are a few I have re-uploaded, I have others if you need ask, I'll take a peak.

You can find many of the models here;

Duke Nukem Forever Weapons
Duke Nukem Forever Vehicles
Duke Nukem Forever Appartment
Duke Nukem Forever Diggs (this one I haven't seen)


extracted and converted by fil1969 (possibly source unsure)
credits: 3D Realms/Gearbox Software/Triptych Games
[url=""] download/lzapmtd5d1dkyrq/[/url]

credits: 3D Realms/Gearbox Software/Triptych Games
[url=""] download/mf3qd7mbl6pi5l4/[/url]

Notice link isn't dead on DeviantArt.

converted by fil1969 (possibly source unsure)
Credits: Gearbox Software - original model
murphy - compiling, flexes, porting
rastifan - testing, release pictures (thanks!)
katiekat - testing
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PostSubject: Re: XNALARA Duke Nukem   Thu Mar 06, 2014 11:49 am

I've never fooled with any of that before myself, but I think xMobilemux has/does. He may be of assistance.
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XNALARA Duke Nukem
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